ZOOFAST/KRAKVET Hondensnack - gedroogd rundvlees in reepjes

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ZOOFAST/KRAKVET Hondensnack - gedroogd rundvlees in reepjes

Fabrikanten: Krakvet

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  • 250g
  • Prijs: 3.59€

  • 1kg
  • Prijs: 9.41€

    A crunchy snack from KRAKVET that is a 100% all-natural product dedicated to dogs of all ages. It contains no artificial additives and the product is a healthy part of your dog's daily diet. The expectional aroma of meat stimulates their senses and entices even the pickiest eaters to eat. The right amount of fat and the highest quality animal protein have a positive effect on your pet's weight. The beneficial vitamins help to support the proper functioning of the body and strengthen immunity. The right texture reduces tartar and protects the gums, which helps your pet to maintain oral health and hygiene. By giving this unique snack to your pet, you reward him in a healthy and tasty way.


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