WHISKAS Tuna and vegetables

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WHISKAS Tuna and vegetables

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  • 1.4 kg
  • Prijs: 7.26€

  • 14 kg
  • Prijs: 33.56€

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  • 2 x 14 kg
  • Prijs: 64.57€

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    Whiskas dry foodwith tuna and vegetables for cats 1 year or older.

    The product will give pet the necessary nutrients and energy it needs to live long, healthy and happy. The food contains Vitamin A which helps to take care of your cat's vision, while the Omega-6 acids and the zinc will make sure your cat has healthy and beautiful fur.

    Whiskas dry food optimal formula will also help to maintain a healthy urinary tract. Whiskas food contains pastries, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, they will satisfy your cat's palate. Now, thanks to the new and improved recipe, there are twice as many.

    Whiskas, a fully complete food contains optimal levels of vitamins and minerals making it a fully complete and well-balanced food that will help take care of your adult cat in the best possible way. Whiskas knows what your cat loves and what he naturally needs.


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