Petvita Sterilized Cat - Turkey

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Petvita Sterilized Cat - Turkey

Fabrikanten: Petvita

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    A cat's body functions and behaves differently after sterlization and castration. Cats may gain weight and that may cause them to have issues with making urinary stones, or keeping their urine at the right acidic level. That is why, this diet is the key which can take care of these problems for the owner. This expectional well-balanced ultra premium class dry food - Petvita Sterlized Cat Turkey is made for sterlized and castrated cats in mind. It should be given to cats who are 8 months or older. It contains a large amount of meat, mainly turkey and animal-based products (more than 59%) perfectly suited for their bodies. This Grain-Free product is perfect for cats that have problems with allergies. Petvita Sterilized Cat contains a Bio Balance Formula, which contains carefully selected minerals, prebiotics and probiotics. Minerals contain electrolytes. They help to maintain the balance of acids and bases inside your kitten. They greatly effect your kitten's muscles, in other words their nerves. Probiotics - help the intestines to work properly. Prebiotics - help with digestion so that your pet can properly digest and absorb vitamins and minerals. Vitamins A, D, and E, strengthen their immune system and make sure that your kitten's bones and joints grow properly. Petvita Sterlized Cat Turkey is perfect for cats that are sterlized and castrated.




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