PETVITA Pure Senior with pork

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PETVITA Pure Senior with pork

Fabrikanten: Petvita

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  • 370 g
  • Prijs: 2.52€

    Petvita guarantees a healthy and well-balanced food made especially for your pet in mind. Petvita brand products are different because they use carefully chosen ingridients that have amazing flavors which no dog can resist.

    Made using a delicious paste recipe PETVITA Pure Senior with pork contains up to 60% pork, which is a great source of protein necessary for your dog's health.

    Also, the product's single protein recipe perfectly suits dogs who have food allergies and it is a main part of a diet for dogs that have allergies.

    The food contains vitamins A, D and E which helps to keep bones and muscles healthy, takes care of your pet's skin ansd fur and lifts his spirits up. Thanks to Petvitaa food your pet will feel more joyful about his health and will feel great.



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