PETVITA Pure Adult with horse meat

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PETVITA Pure Adult with horse meat

Fabrikanten: Petvita

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  • 370 g
  • Prijs: 3.46€

    The Petvita brand is known for having the highest quality nutritious ingridients with terrific flavors, that no dog can possibly resist.

    PETVITA Pure Adult with horse meat is a very nutritious food which contains up to 55% horse meat.

    Also, the product's single protein recipe perfectly suits dogs who have food allergies and it is a main part of a diet for dogs that have allergies.

    Rich in vitamins and microelements, making the food essential for the health and well-being of your dog. Vitamin A helps keep the skin, fur and vision healthy. Also rich in vitamin E which helps to strengethen the immune system, Also, Vitamin D helps to keep the nervous system healthy plus it strengthens your dog's bones and muscles.


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