PERFECT FIT Adult rich in chicken

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PERFECT FIT Adult rich in chicken

Fabrikanten: Perfect Fit

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  • 14.5 kg
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    PERFECT FIT Adult rich in chicken is a food created for the unique nutritional needs of adult dogs of all breeds.


    Perfect Fit Adult 1+ cat food is created especially for the healthy and tasty nutrition of adult dogs. This properly balanced food provides all of the necessary nutrients and energy needed.It contains high-quality ingredients provide your animal with a diet that is similar to a natural diet.

    Each Perfect Fit product is based on the philosophy of supporting the 5 key aspects of animal health. These include: strengthening the natural immunity of the body, supporting the health of the lower urinary tract, allowing proper digestion, ensuring a healthy appearance of the skin and fur and maintaining optimal body weight.

    The recipe of food intended for adult dogs has been enriched with ingredients that support the natural activity and health of the animal. Full-bodied food with an increased content of B vitamins and iron supports the vitality and movement of the dog. The crispy structure of the pieces reduces tartar. The high content of specially selected proteins has a positive effect on the development of strong and healthy muscles.

    Perfect Fit Adult food is based on high-quality animal and vegetable-based products. The source of valuable protein is chicken, among others. High-quality fats provide the optimal amount of energy. Appropriate content of vitamins and microelements will allow your cat to maintain an excellent condition.


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