Pedigree Adult - mixed flavors

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Pedigree Adult - mixed flavors

Fabrikanten: Pedigree

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  • 24 x 100 g
  • Prijs: 7.48€

  • Kopia 40389
  • Prijs: 10.01€

    PEDIGREE Adult - mixed flavors is a full-balanced meal for adult dogs, made using pieces of meat dipped in a delicious-smelling sauce.

    This food is pure pleasure, also for your pet. You should really believe it's this way and feed it to him, so he will believe that he will be healthy and full of vitality each and every day.

    Pedigree wet dog food helps with digestion, it makes sure your pet has healthy skin and fur all thanks to high quality micro and macro nutrients. Also, it strengthens their immune system and keeps their bones healthy and strong.

    Advantages of PEDIGREE Adult - mixed flavors

    - A complete meal - fulfills all of your dog's nutritional needs

    - 100% Wholesome

    - A well-balanced and tasty wet dog food for adult dogs

    - contains all-natural fiber which helps to keep a healthy digestion system

    - zinc and sunflower oil help to keep your dog's fur and skin healthy

    - contains Vitamin E which helps to support your dog's immune system and calcium which helps to keep their bones healthy

    - contains no artificial  ingridients or smells or preservatives. everything is all-natural

    - 4 delicious flavors - chicken with vegetables, beef with vegetables, turkey and carrot, beef and lamb#

    PEDIGREE Adult - mixed flavors will awaken every one of your dog's senses with it's sweet-smelling taste and exquisite aroma.


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