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JRS Cat's Best Comfort - Kattenbakvulling /

Fabrikanten: JRS

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JRS Cat's Best Comfort is a very high quality, all-natural litter for cats with unique technology, that gets rid of smells 100% - no added chemicals. The fiber technology 300 makes it so that microscopic fibers the smell and moisture perfectly (up to 300% of its volume), thanks to this, the litter is very effective and three times more effective than all of the other litters.

All of these things synergistically affect the natural and pleasant smell of the litter, thanks to which your pet will accept it quickly. The product is made of high quality renewable ingredients that don't cause any allergies and also are biodegradable. The fibers that are used in making this litter come straight from fir and spruce, these trees are grown by companies which promote sustainable forestry, preventing the degradation of natural forests.


Cat’s Best Comfort – wooden, eco-friendly cat litter (not clumping).


  • New on the market (proven quality in the new formula – not clumping)

  • Microbiologically clean - does not cause allergies in animals

  • More hygienic, efficient, 2 times lighter – an alternative to not clumping mineral litters

  • Pleasant, natural scent - we accepted by cats

  • Naturally more effective absorption of smells than silicone litters

  • Extremely efficient - perfectly absorbs odours and moisture (up to 300% of its volume) so enough for a very long time,

  • 100% biodegradable - can be processed into compost


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