DIAMENTIQ Silica kattenbakvulling lavendel

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DIAMENTIQ Silica kattenbakvulling lavendel

Fabrikanten: DIAMENTIQ

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  • 3,8l
  • Prijs: 6.33€

    DIAMENTIQ Lavender silicon litter is a unique product for all cats. With this litter, you will keep order in the litter box and beyond. The product is dust-free and does not stick to the cat's paws, so that your pet will not spread the litter in other rooms. The litter does not clump, so you can dispose of it in the toilet. Using this product guarantees you 100% satisfaction.

    The DIAMENTIQ company offers excellent products that meet the highest quality standards. They provide your pet with comfort and satisfaction upon daily use. For you, they guarantee that your home always stays fresh and it is simple and pleasant  to clean the litterbox. The above product is characterized by its excellent absorption of unpleasant smells and also by its high moisture absorption. This allows your home to stay fresh and clean for a long time. The lavender smell also has a pleasant aroma.


    - Leaves a feeling of freshness,
    - Easily recyclable,
    - Natural resources are safe for the cat,
    - It absorbs moisture accurately,
    - Highly hygienic,
    - Very efficient.


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