DIAMENTIQ Silica kattenbakvulling appel

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DIAMENTIQ Silica kattenbakvulling appel

Fabrikanten: DIAMENTIQ

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  • 3,8l
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    DIAMENTIQ silicone litter with the alluring smell of apple will spoil every cat and its owner. The sweet applearoma leaves a pleasant lingering smell that will cover your entire home with extraordinary freshness. The lint-free formula guarantees perfect cleanliness, and because the litter does not stick to the cat's paws, it is not carried outside the litter box. In addition, the litter doesn't clog, so you can dispose of it in the toilet.

    By choosing DIAMENTIQ cat litter, you provide your pet with the highest comfort and satisfaction, and cleanliness and freshness at home. Made only from natural resources which contain antibacterial properties making it completely safe for your pet and plus it's not senstizing. The product is also characterized by excellent moisture absorption, thanks to this it will quickly and effectively neutralize unpleasant odors.


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