BUTCHER'S with beef

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BUTCHER'S with beef

Fabrikanten: Butcher's

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    BUTCHER'S with beef


    BUTCHER'S dry food for adult dogs contains a new recipe and the ingredients which help your dog become healthier. It is based on beef. This is a healthy and easily digestable food that our dog will love.

    BUTCHER'S dry food supports and provides healthy:
    - SKIN AND FUR - contains minerals and oil to keep the fur looking beautiful and shiny
    - DIGESTION - contains beet pulp, which helps to keep a healthy digestion system.
    - IMMUNE SYSTEM - contains natural anti-oxidants (vitamin E) in order to have a healthy immune system.
    - VISION -contains vitamin A which keeps your vision normal.

    * Dry food for adult dogs.
    * Food is based on chicken.
    * Made with the best ingredients.
    * A high quality well-balanced meal.
    * Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
    * Contains vitamins and minerals which keep your dog healthy and strong.
    * Thanks to the size and shape of the pieces, your dog won't resist chewing them and helps to get rid of plaque and tartar.
    * Recommended for a gluten-free diet.





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