BOZITA Naturals Original

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BOZITA Naturals Original

Fabrikanten: Bozita

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  • 2 x 12 kg
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    BOZITA Naturals Original is a dry dog food made especially for adult dogs.

    BOZITA Naturals Original dry dog food with chicken is filled with lots of fresh ingredients, vitamins and minerals. The food is specifically for adult dogs of all breeds - large and small. It's a food that can be used every day and can be an excellent start to your dog's well-balanced daily diet without any problems.

    BOZITA Naturals Original is a dry food whose main ingredient is chicken. It's full of value and well-liked by all dogs, no matter their age, breed, size and how active they are. BOZITA Naturals Original is a classic dry food that can be used on a daily basis or it can be added to other kinds of diets.

    BOZITA Naturals Original dry food contains healthy, all-natural ingredients and it's made up of fresh, high-class products. Chicken provides your dog with a full-valued animal-based protein. BOZITA Naturals Original food is easy to digest and easily absorbed by the body. It has an intense, all-natural taste that is liked by dogs. The BOZITA Naturals Original dry food contains healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which keep your dog's fur strong and shiny.


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